Talent Concept
Development And Promotion
Development And Promotion

In Fangshi, we will establish a career development channel with you. We believe that only when professional skills and personal interests are perfectly matched, and employees' potential can be stimulated. Therefore, whether it is horizontal cross departmental and cross level transfer, vertical management and professional development, Fangshi technology can provide employees with opportunities and platforms to realize their own values.

We encourage employees to constantly stimulate their potential, provide career promotion channels based on their professional ability and work results, and ensure that outstanding talents can get fair and just promotion opportunities to promote their career and personal development.

Rewards And Benefits
Rewards And Benefits

We always believe that employees are our most important assets. Therefore, we attach importance to every employee, provide competitive salary and reward schemes, and provide a series of employee benefits including paid annual leave, allowance, five insurances and one allowance.

We are committed to creating a healthy working environment for employees, advocating efficient work and happy life. Therefore, we regularly organize various cultural, sports and entertainment activities to improve employees' physical and mental health, improve team cohesion, and build a corporate culture.

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