Strategic partners
As of now, Fangshi Technology has established deep business cooperation relationships with domestic first tier construction enterprises such as CSCEC(China State Construction Engineering Corporation), CRCC(China Railway Construction Corporation) and BCEG(Beijing Construction Engineering Group).Additionally, partnerships have been established with universities like Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In total, projects with over 50 construction units have been completed.
Delivery quantity of robots (units)
Application projects (pieces)
10 million square meters
Cooperating units (general contracting unit, university clients, construction unit)
Product sales
As a product manufacturer, Fangshi Technology independently develops and creates a systematic construction robots product matrix, including concrete floor series robots, indoor decoration series robots, building measurement series robots, and intelligent construction information system platforms, to provide customers with more efficient construction product solutions.
Personalized customization
Provide non-standard customized construction robot product services to meet personalized needs and customize your exclusive robots!
Agency distribution
National recruitment of partners
Technical support
Strong technical support, providing intelligent construction technology support and technical services to partners.
Training support
Industry professional team, providing high-quality training to assist partners in quickly applying technology and products.
Promotional support
Rich marketing and promotion activities to accurately link customers and obtain business opportunities for partners.
Business Support
Actively explore the market, assist in product and technology promotion, and provide strong business and business support.
Product leasing
As a product service provider, Fangshi Technology provides leasing services for construction robot equipment and intelligent construction solutions, reducing the funding threshold for deploying robot systems and helping to quickly achieve industrial transformation and upgrading of construction projects
Easy to operate
Easy to operate and get started with
Insufficient capital investment
Can concentrate funds on core businesses
Efficient deployment
Rapid delivery of equipment and deployment deployment
Stable cooperation
Focusing on long-term and stable cooperation
Construction labor subcontracting
Fangshi Technology focuses on cultivating industrial chemical workers with robot operation skills, equipping professional teams to undertake subcontracting of civil engineering, decoration and other tasks, in order to connect the two-way interactive chain of robot research and application, and accelerate the commercialization process of construction robots.
Subcontracting of concrete construction operations
Subcontracting of interior wall decoration and renovation construction work
Subcontracting of construction work for laying floor tiles