Concrete Ground Construction Solution
More systematic and efficient concrete ground construction
Based on advanced technologies such as BIM, AI,IOT and Big data, we plan and design an information-based operation system for concrete floor construction. From pouring planning, on-site construction to inspection and maintenance, we can create a whole process visual data platform for your concrete construction, so as to achieve fewer and unmanned operations on the construction site, significantly improve construction efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Interior Wall Decoration Solutions
Safer and more environmentally friendly wall decoration construction
Integrating advanced technologies such as environmental sensing and flexible control, integrated navigation chassis, and based on our independently developed unmanned control software platform and robotic arm, we can realize unmanned and autonomous operations of wall spraying and grinding. Evenly, efficiently, environmentally friendly and without dust pollution.
Tile Setting Construction Solution
More flexible and convenient tile setting construction
The robot features Fangshi Technology's independently developed ultra-lightweight, large-arm extension, high-load mechanical arm, omnidirectional mobile chassis, dry mortar mixing device, and cement slurry mixing device. Additionally, it combines robotic arm motion control algorithms, chassis motion control algorithms, visual servo algorithms, and SLAM navigation algorithms to achieve autonomous movement and high-precision construction. The entire machine, along with its accompanying equipment, is compact, highly maneuverable, easy to operate, provides a visually pleasing result in floor tiling, and has a low rate of tile detachment.