Real-time Field Measuring Robot
Real-time Field Measuring Robot
A construction robot used for construction measurement
Advantages of Products:
The robot utilizes intelligent scanning heads and a four-wheel, four-drive omnidirectional chassis technology. It achieves navigation and high-precision measurements through innovative 3D stereoscopic vision technology and laser-based positioning and navigation technology. With its four-wheel, four-drive omnidirectional chassis and intelligent scanning head, the measurement module enables autonomous target recognition, data analysis, report generation, and other functions, allowing for unmanned autonomous construction measurement and report generation.

High Efficiency:It can complete a single measurement item within 15 seconds and synchronously complete the data storage and upload.

High Precision:The precision of point cloud gets to 0.1 mm, which is one order of magnitude higher than the measurement standard.

High Yield:It can save the labor cost by more than 90%.

Main Specifications




Storage Size of Chassis

Storage Weight of Chassis

Storage Size of Measuring Probe

Optimum Measuring Distance

Measurement Efficiency

42 kg

575*470*1220 mm

660*550*410 mm

 55 kg

720*220*135 mm

1500 mm

4 measurements per minute*

Obstacle Crossing Capability

Charging Time

Rated Power

Continuous Working Time

Drive Mode

3 cm

3~3.5 h


 9 h

Motor four-wheel drive

*The relevant data comes from the application test of Fangshi Technology engineering