Spraying & Grinding Integrated Robot 433C1
Spraying & Grinding Integrated Robot 433C1
A construction robot used for spraying & grinding interior wall surfaces of buildings
Advantages of Products:
In combination with the environmental sensing technology, the flexible control technology and so on, the Robot is integrated with a natural navigation chassis
and an autonomous spraying & grinding mechanism to realize the unmanned and autonomous spraying & grinding operation. In addition, it is based on the unmanned control software platform independently researched and developed by Fangshi Technology to realize autonomous spraying of walls, ceilings, concave and convex corners, doors, windows, etc.; autonomous burnishing of interior walls coated with putty and emulsion paint. It is characterized by high construction efficiency and good construction quality. In addition, it can maximize the advantages of robot-based construction in the one-person multi-machine mode.

High Efficiency:It can spray 200~400 square meters per hour and grind 50~150 square meters per hour. Its construction efficiency is more than 5 times as much as manual wall roller coating and burnishing.

High Precision:Its wall spraying & grinding construction is characterized by uniform spraying and grinding effect, no spots, no trace and no color difference.

High Yield:It can realize the three-in-one function switching by changing the operating mechanisms, which can save the labor cost by more than 90%.

Main Specifications


Spraying Height

Grinding Height

Overall Size

Charging Barrel Capacity

Continuous Working Time

600 kg3.3 m (standard) / 4.5 m (optional)

2.9 m

995*785*1730 mm

36 L

6 h

Obstacle Crossing Capability

Working Temperature

Position Accuracy

Putty Spraying Efficiency

Latex Paint Spraying Efficiency

Grinding Efficiency

3 m

0~40 ℃

±5 cm

Wall 70 ㎡/h; Ceiling 50 ㎡/h*

Wall 190 ㎡/h; Ceiling 130 ㎡/h*

Wall 48 ㎡/h; Ceiling 35 ㎡/h*

*The relevant data comes from the application test of Fangshi Technology engineering