Tile Setting Robot
Tile Setting Robot
A construction robot used for tile setting
Advantages of Products:
The robot features Fangshi Technology's independently developed ultra-lightweight, large-arm extension, high-load mechanical arm, omnidirectional mobile chassis, dry mortar mixing device, and cement slurry mixing device. Additionally, it combines robotic arm motion control algorithms, chassis motion control algorithms, visual servo algorithms, and SLAM navigation algorithms to achieve autonomous movement and high-precision construction. The entire machine, along with its accompanying equipment, is compact, highly maneuverable, easy to operate, provides a visually pleasing result in floor tiling, and has a low rate of tile detachment.

High Efficiency:The construction efficiency for large-scale settings can reach up to 120 square meters per day and can replace the work of 4 to 6 persons’ workload.

High Precision:The error in brick joint width is within ±0.5mm, and the height difference between two bricks is controlled within ±0.5mm.

High Yield:It can save the labor cost by more than 60% and save the labor cost within 1 year.

Technical Parameter
Weight of Whole Machine

Applicable Brick Size Specifications

Applicable Brick

Tile Joint Precision

Height Difference between Two Tiles

Paving Method


Full tiles with specifications of 800mm x 800mm and below

Ceramic tiles and smooth-surfaced stone tiles

2mm ± 0.5 (tile joint width adjustable by the customer)

±0.5mm (may require manual adjustment in certain situations)

Traditional thick-bed installation with cement mortar as the base.

Control Mode

Operating Mode

Construction Efficiency

Movement Speed

Continuous Working Time

Overall Machine Dimension

Remote control or autonomous navigation

Semi-automatic (with manual assistance)

≤120 square meters per day*




*The relevant data comes from the application test of Fangshi Technology engineering    

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