Spraying & Grinding Integrated Robot 433D1
Spraying & Grinding Integrated Robot 433D1
A construction robot used for spraying & grinding interior wall surfaces of buildings.
Advantages of Products:
Based on the iterative optimization of the 433C1 model, the robot integrates latex paint spraying, putty spraying and grinding into one, and the top system composed of six degrees of freedom robot arm and lifting system realizes flexible and complex motion trajectory. With the robot controller developed by Fangshi Technology, the synchronous cycle error compensation of the sensor is realized. At the same time, based on the automatic navigation system and AGV technology to realize high-precision autonomous spraying and grinding operations.

High Efficiency:Spraying efficiency : 150~200 ㎡/h Grinding efficiency : 50~150 ㎡/h

High Precision:Spraying & grinding evenly, no spots, and color differences.

Attitude error: ±1° Positioning accuracy: ±5 cm

High Yield:Three-in-one function Reduce purchasing costs Save labor costs 90%+.

Main Specifications


Overall Size

Spraying Height

Grinding Height

Climbing Angle

Obstacle Crossing Capability

Grinding Efficiency

745 kg1180*850*1750 mm

4.5 m

4.5 m


3 cm

70~100 ㎡/h*

Charging Barrel Capacity

Continuous Working Time

Working Temperature

Position Accuracy

Latex Paint Spraying Efficiency

Putty Spraying Efficiency

56 L

6 h


±5 cm

200~300 ㎡/h*

100~200 ㎡/h*

*The relevant data comes from the application test of Fangshi Technology engineering