ZP-415A  Concrete Laser Screed Robot
ZP-415A Concrete Laser Screed Robot
A construction robot used for the structural construction of building ground
Advantages of Products:
It is based on the intelligent laser leveling algorithm and the wire-controlled chassis technolo-gy to realize unmanned autonomous movement and high-precision construction. In addition, it is based on the battery-driven platform independently researched and developed by Fangshi Technology to realizes zero carbon
emission during the leveling construction. The Robot is characterized by small size, flexible maneuverability, easy operations, good leveling effect of construction ground and uniform ground compacting effect.

High Efficiency:The construction efficiency of 200~300 square meters per hour can replace 2~3 persons’ workload.

High Precision:The laser detection precision can be reduced to 2 millimeters and the measurement height different can be controlled to be smaller than 5 millimeters.

High Yield:It can save the labor cost by more than 60% and can recover its cost by completing the construction area of 80,000~100,000 square meters.

Technical Parameter
WeightLeveling WidthLevelingContinuous Working TimeDrive modeControl mode
165KG1.5mElectronic gradienter + gyroscope
6hMotor-drivenRemote control
Scope of ControlConstruction efficiencyConstruction speedOverall DimensionsRated Power

*The relevant data comes from the application test of Fangshi Technology engineering    

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