Fangshi Technology's construction special robot won the award
Release time: 2023-12-11

Robot industry 2023 annual event


On December 8, the 4th China Robot Industry Annual Conference and Leaderobot Robot Awards Ceremony were grandly held in Huzhou, Zhejiang. Fangshi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fangshi Technology") was invited to attend.

With the theme of "Promoting Industrial Innovation and Collaboration and Integration", this 4th China Robot Industry Annual Conference focuses on empowering the innovation and development of the robot industry. Hundreds of academicians, experts, well-known scholars, and outstanding entrepreneurs were invited to gather in Huzhou to showcase Cutting-edge technological achievements and explore future development trends.

Special Robot Scenario Breakthrough Award


With its outstanding contribution in the field of intelligent construction in the construction industry, Fangshi Technology stood out and won the title of "Leaderobot Special Robot Scene Breakthrough Award" in one fell swoop!

It is reported that the China Robot Industry Annual Meeting is one of the most influential robotics events in the country. It is initiated by the Lide Robot Platform and carries out in-depth discussions and exchanges around the annual scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of my country's robot industry. At the same time, the conference held the "Leaderobot China Robot Industry Award Ceremony" (one of the most professional and influential awards in the robot industry), and evaluated and selected from multiple perspectives such as technical level, corporate development prospects, marketing, product innovation, and after-sales service. An outstanding scientific research team and segment leader with annual core influence in the national robot industry, and an annual vane that leads the development of China's robot industry.


Winning the title of "Leaderobot Special Robot Scenario Breakthrough Award" this time is the industry's full affirmation of Fangshi Technology's innovation capabilities and market performance in the field of intelligent manufacturing. In the future, Fangshi Technology will insist on scene development, delve into actual scenes in various subdivisions of the construction industry, and realize more efficient work of construction special robots in different scenes to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry market.