Congratulations on the official release of the group standard "Construction Robot Classification" drafted by Fangshi Technology!
Release time: 2023-12-11

Current situation: There is an urgent need to formulate industry standards

As China continues to make efforts in the field of construction robot research and development, construction robot research and development technology has become mature. Since 2018, the industrialization of construction robots has emerged, and the industry has moved from the research and development stage to the fast lane of commercialization.


According to the "2022 China Robot Industry Development Report" released by the China Electronics Association, the current construction robot industry standards and scene definitions have taken shape, and the complex environment adaptability of construction robots continues to improve. At the current stage, there are many types of construction robots, and a hundred flowers are blooming. However, the relevant standards for the classification of construction robots have not yet been established, and the relevant standard system for the construction robot industry needs to be improved. 


The lack of clear and unified industry standards means that there are a series of challenges in the path to commercialization of the construction robot industry, such as unfair market competition, trade barriers in the international market, and increased difficulty in user training and adoption. It can be seen that with the development of the construction robot industry, there is an urgent need to establish a unified standard system to accelerate the commercialization of construction robots. 


There are standards to follow! Fangshi Technology promotes the construction of industry standards

In order to lead industry standards and promote high-quality development of the industry, Fangshi Technology actively participated in the drafting of the group standard "Construction Robot Classification" proposed by the China Electric Power Association Electrical Site Robot Safety and Inspection Standardization Professional Committee, and has participated in many working group discussions , and modify the draft standard based on the discussion opinions. Recently, the group standard has been officially released by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. 


The formulation and implementation of the group standard "Construction Robot Classification" clarifies the classification requirements for construction robots, fills the gaps in construction robot standards, and helps improve the entire construction robot standard system. It provides important support for the research, production, application and development of construction robots in my country, greatly promotes the marketization process of construction robots, and helps construction robots achieve commercialization. 

At the same time, Fangshi Technology is actively participating in the formulation of local standards for the construction robot industry in various smart construction pilot cities, effectively promoting the widespread application of smart construction in various pilot cities, and also providing development direction and experience reference for the unification of industry standards.