Fangshi Technology 2023: Annual Honors Review
Release time: 2023-12-29

This year, we have kept upright and innovated.

Run flat out on a smartly built track and chase our dreams.

This year, we have worked hard.

Keep integrity and original intention in mind,

adhere to customer demand-oriented and provide high-quality services.

This year, we have concentrated our efforts.

After walking through the thousands of waves of life, there is still a glimmer of light in our heart.


You get what you sow.

This year, we have achieved great results and returned with great honors!

Let us look back at the glorious moments of the year!


2023 Corporate Honors

Member unit of Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Industry Association


ISO9001 quality management system certification


Intelligent Construction Award Top 100 Enterprises


Drafting unit of the group standard "Classification of Construction Robots"


Suzhou New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation Technology Supply Demonstration Enterprise


2023 Product Honors

 Spraying and Grinding Integrated Robot: "Innovation Star"


Feal-time Field Measuring Robot: "Efficiency Star"


Fangshi Technology Construction Robot: Special Robot Scenario Breakthrough Award


    Honors bear witness to strength. Fangshi Technology takes "Empower the Architectural & Engineering Services industry with safe, environment-friendly and efficient technology innovation." as its mission, and is forging ahead on the road of "building the future intelligently".

    In the new year, we will continue to practice the concept of "customer-centered, customer satisfaction as the goal", and win the world with efficient intelligent construction solutions, high-quality project engineering practices, and efficient operation and management. More praises will further enhance the corporate brand image and comprehensive strength, and write a new chapter in the company's high-quality development. 

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