Robotic construction New construction method of intelligent construction
Release time: 2022-07-10

From July 6th to 7th, 2021, Fangshi Technology is very honored to participate in the construction of Zhongyifeng Project Department on Songbei Road, West Mahuan Road, Wuzhong District, Central Jiangsu. This construction integrates construction robot construction into the existing construction system, and completes the ground concrete construction with the on-site subcontracting team, increasing its construction efficiency, improving its construction quality, and reducing its construction personnel allocation. At the same time, robot construction can also independently complete ground concrete construction, and the robot + industrial worker model enables intelligent construction.


The addition of construction robots, as shown in the figure below, greatly reduces the participation of on-site personnel. Here are some wonderful pictures of the construction site:

图片 2.png


Concrete leveling construction

图片 3.gif

The use of four-wheel laser leveling machine for leveling construction, remote control operation, no need for personnel to enter the concrete, effectively liberates workers from the dirty environment, has the advantages of high leveling accuracy and good maneuverability in concrete. The construction situation is shown in the figure. Tested by on-site surveyors, the standard accuracy is controlled within 5m. Compared with manual work, at least 3~5 people are required for manual leveling, and the leveling accuracy is above 10mm.


Elevation Surface Inspection



Concrete leveling construction

图片 6.gif

The crawler-type ground troweling robot is used for remote control operation, which has the advantages of easy operation, low labor intensity and good troweling effect. The construction situation is shown in the figure below. During manual construction, the operation of high-speed rotation requires workers to spend a lot of effort to hold the machine. When using the crawler troweling robot, only the remote control joystick is needed to complete the construction control of the robot, and the construction efficiency It is 2~3 times of artificial.


However, manual construction is labor-intensive, and the disadvantages of inability to operate continuously can be seen at a glance.



Concrete finishing construction

图片 9.gif

It adopts four-disc troweling robot and remote control operation, which has the advantages of simple operation, high construction efficiency and good light-receiving effect. The construction situation is shown in the figure. Compared with manual construction, the hand-held equipment needs to consume a lot of physical strength, and it is easy to leave footprints in the concrete, which is not easy to erase. Robot construction can be remotely constructed, with good effect and high efficiency. The efficiency of manual construction is 3 to 5 times.


Robotic construction vs manual construction



Concrete construction effect


Through the interspersed construction method of four-wheel laser leveling robot, crawler leveling robot and four-disc leveling robot, the ground construction of 2,800 square meters on site was completed. The construction effect is shown in the figure below. Within 3~4mm, it meets the ground acceptance standard.



Accelerate the deep integration of artificial intelligence and construction robots

The construction industry is the second most dangerous industry after mining. There are many accidents during the construction process, labor shortage and low labor productivity, all of which have become constraints to the development of the construction industry.

Intelligent construction robots change not only the production method, but also deep-level changes in construction modes, concepts, technologies and other levels. Therefore, the new construction revolution brought by intelligent construction robotics, information technology and digital manufacturing is coming fast.


Fangshi Technology organically combines robot technology and construction industry to form special robots with professional construction functions, promotes the upgrading and reform of the entire construction industry system, and provides the best and effective way to solve many current problems in the construction industry.

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